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Gopal Kunte from Guru Driving School taught me during my Learners Period. Since I had already learnt overseas I needed to give the Australian standard test. Gopal Kaka guided me really well through all aspects of driving. I first thought I already knew the rules but Gopal Kaka showed me how to avoid the minor errors which make me a better driver. Throughout the period he gave me proper time for each maneuver to be learnt and mastered throughly. Even before the exam we practiced a mock test in which I was assessed thoroughly before taking the main test. Gopal Kaka’s approach to teaching the newbie is well laid out and relaxing. It makes you learn and gives a sense of confidence. I was really lucky to have Gopal Kaka as my instructor.

Nimish Shete

I am extremely thankful to Guru Driving School! I had Mandar as my driving instructor who put up with all my driving panics! I had fantastic lessons which were always enjoyable and felt completely comfortable asking questions when I needed to! You provided guidance and supported me during driving lessons which granted me all the necessary skills and the full confidence to pass the driving test to improve my driving ability for the rest of my life. I am now able to go onto the roads with complete confidence! Your fantastic sense of humour helped me at making every piece on instruction so enjoyable and unforgettable. My best wishes to you and to Guru Driving School. I would completely 100% recommend Guru Driving School it can’t be beaten!

Sandhya Bhondave

I am glad to tell you that I am happy with Guru Driving School and especially with the instructors Mr. Mandar, Mr. Milind, Mr. Gopal they teach me very good skills about driving in Australia and I confirm they are the best instructors. Earlier frankly to tell, I went to take some lessons in Perth, i.e. in Western Australia but I am unsatisfied. But when I start classes with Guru Driving School, I realised and I completely known all rules and regulations. Now I got driving license because of them and I can tell in dream also I can’t forget the rules to drive. So I gladly tell everyone that Guru Driving School is the best and anybody can succeed with them.

Pravin Kumar

When I first began my lessons with Guru Driving School I was very nervous and unsure. Despite of this, due to the correct guidance, my driving skills drastically improved. All instructors of the driving school are extremely co-operative and understanding. I gained thorough understanding of all the rules of the road and Guru helped me gain a lot of confidence. I am forever grateful to Mandar Tamhankar and Guru Driving School for assisting me with my endeavours and wish him all the best in the times to come. The school is very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone who is proactive about learning to drive. Guru Driving School rocks!

Abhilasha Pawar

When I first decided to learn driving I hd a few classes with another driving school, but I wasn’t so happy so I was looking for another driving school and I came to know about Guru Driving School. So I started taking classes with Mr. Mandar Tamhankar ans straight away experienced the improvement in my driving as well as in my knowledge of NSW road rules. They help me to understand and learn in a proper way, I didn’t see any other motive rather than teaching correctly to drive, in short guru driving classes are best trainers for all learners. I will definitely recommend any new leaner to Guru Driving School. And again thank you very much for providing the best learning experience.

Pallavi Chitte

I obtained my driving lessons from Guru Driving School with Mr. Mandar Tamhankar. I was very impressed with his professional approach towards teaching. I enjoyed my lessons a lot and was able to gain confidence in driving. It was very nice to be able to drive long distances in different weather and traffic conditions which made me a better driver. Overall, my experience with Guru Driving School was excellent. Thanks!

Prajakta Kulkarni

I started my driving lessons with Guru Driving School and found a lot of improvment in my driving skills. The way Mandar sir and Manasi madam teach driving to their students is the perfect way. We also need to practice ourselves after we learn tips from them. I would like to mention observation is the specific way of learning fast, and avoid small mistakes in the test. Observation while someone else is driving correctly or making mistakes teaches us so many things which we implement in our driving automatically. I would strongly recommend to new students to sit behind and just observe.
Thanks to Guru Driving School for help and efforts they took for my license.


The talent and skill of teaching driving you have is really amazing. It was a really good experience. Proud to say thanks for passing the driving test in first attempt. Mr. Mandar your guidance helped a lot for my future driving in Australia.

Heena Collection Liverpool

At the beginning I thought driving was very easy, but when I started lessons with another driving school I found that is very hard for me. Then I nearly quit. But one of my friend told me about Guru Driving School and I started with them. They teach me very easily in a proper way. And then I know how to drive on the road with using the correct rules. They explain to me some difficult points in very easy way. Guru Driving class always thinking about student satisfaction not just about business. I am satisfied with that. I have very good experience with Guru Driving School.


Friends we have a choice to choose our instructor. Make a right choice so you don’t regret later. Guru Tamhankar is my 5th driving instructor. And I am very much satisfied with the techniques and method of his teaching. His efforts and sincere approach towards each learner is the key to SUCCESS. He is very professional and passionate.

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