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Poonam Sahasrabuddhe

Driving was something I was never confident about. After failing in driving tests couple of times I began to think I would never be able to drive. I would always have to depend on someone to drive me around. I was a total wreck. Then I came across Guru Driving School. During the first lesson itself I could feel the difference. In a very professional, but friendly manner my instructor Mr. Milind explained me, whcih areas I needed to focus on and patiently helped me improve them. He made me understand the fact that being a safe driver is more vital then just getting a license. Within few lessons I was a confident driver and actually began to enjoy driving. The next test attempt I gave was successful and I got my driving license. I would higly recommend Guru Driving School to anyone who wants to learn driving. Very professional and patient team, who will strive hard to make you a better driver and achieve your key to freedom.

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