• Mr. Jagdeep Singh

    Hello everybody, my name is Jagdeep Singh. I have 20 years of experience in customer service and support in different industries and I am passionate to deliver solutions. More than my experience I really love driving vehicles and going for short and long drives. I got my Car license 20 years ago and have a safe and excellent driving history. I have been teaching how to drive cars to my friends and relatives since. And hence become an Accredited Driving Instructor, so that I can pass on my skills and knowledge. I always believed IMPOSSIBLE is I M POSSIBLE and believe everyone can achieve good and safe driving skills to enjoy the busy and Joyful moments of their driving experience in life. I can ensure all techniques and skills that I deliver will stay with you for life to not just have your license but keep you safe.

  • Mr. Prakash

    My name is Prakash and I am an RMS accredited driving instructor. I have been driving in Australia for more than a decade. I have the rt knowledge to help you to become a safe and good driver. My experience has allowed me to work in a multicultural environment and taught me patience, loyalty, customer service skills, professionalism, responsibility, and friendliness. I aim to teach every individual safe driving habits that will last for a lifetime in a relaxed and friendly environment. My focus will be to produce safe drivers on the road than just the business. I can teach in Nepali, Hindi, and English language.

  • Mrs. Priya

    For the last 4 years, I am teaching driving. After I started getting better results, I decided to apply for the instructor license. I can speak 4 languages ie. English, Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati. Also, familiar with another language i.e. Punjabi, Bengali. I am sure with my knowledge and experience I can find out the shortcomings and guide you to be a safer driver on the road. My helpful and joyful nature will allow you to understand and learn driving quickly.

  • Mr. Mahesh

    After completing my university degree I spent several years working in aged care and a hospital. I decided to become a driving instructor because of my passion to teach driving. I completed Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics and now a fully insured, qualified, and approved driving instructor. I love the challenges, the rewards, and the variety that being a driving instructor brings. I enjoy working with people, supporting them as they develop their skills and confidence. As a driving instructor, I focus not only on teaching how to drive but also, more importantly, the safe driving habits which can last a lifetime. I am passionate about my chosen profession, I aspire to create a relaxed and calm learning environment for my students as I believe this achieves the best results. I have been teaching since 2016.

  • Dipti

    Hi, I am Dipti and I am RMS qualified driving instructor with a professional attitude and passion for driving. I have a safe and excellent driving history of more than 11 years. I am a very patient and friendly trainer, with a positive attitude. I ensure and excel in explaining driving skills in a very simple and innovative way to make the learning process very easy, comfortable, and tailored to suit individual needs. I believe learning driving makes oneself independent and builds self-confidence. My teaching techniques include tips and tricks which help them drive with ease. I aim at making you a responsible driver who can drive on the road safely with confidence and pleasure.
    I am multi-lingual with fluency in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. I drive a 5-star ANCAP rated 2020 Suzuki Baleno around Toongabbie and Hills district area.

  • Chinmay

    Hello, my name is Chinmay and I am RMS Accredited Driving Instructor. I have a robust experience of driving in various parts of Australia for almost a decade now. I can say I possess knowledge and skills to be imparted to my prospective students in an articulate and professional manner.

    As an instructor, I promote a calm and encouraging atmosphere when driving, whilst being patient with my learner drivers. My focus will be to teach you the right way to drive and master the skills to last forever. I understand that every individual has different learning styles and thus I ensure my lessons are tailored to suit every student accordingly. I wholeheartedly enjoy driving and promote safe driving style.

    I am looking forward to meeting you soon.


  • Miss Anu

    Hello everyone! My name is Anu Baby. I’ve had the privileged experience to be serving as a nurse for a long time now. Currently, I have a government job that provides me with the opportunity to look after patients with issues relating to mental health. In addition to the basic languages, I have a profound grasp on the Malayalam language and would be comfortable conversing with students who wish to communicate in this language too. It is my passion to teach driving to students, and I’d love to help you achieve your driving goal.

  • Mr. Ajay

    Hi, I am Ajay. I have been driving in Australia for an exceptionally long time and have maintained an impeccable driving record. I like working on training and assessment in relation to driver education. I cater my teaching to all ages and learning styles, I am keen to share my experiences and perfect the skills of my students, ensuring they become responsible drivers. I believe that perfecting the act of operating and controlling a vehicle teaches you to make the right decisions, think on your feet, and develop the key traits of confidence and independence.

  • Mr. Anil

    Hi, I’m Anil I have more than 25 years experience in customer service. I also have more than 30 years of driving experience in total. With this experience I realised the importance of safe driving techniques. I started instructing friends and their family members and saw the success. This made me decide to become a driving instructor. I obtained my driving instructor license and started sharing my experience with my students. My patience is the key to my instructions. With this I can pinpoint the intricacies that are required for safe driving and how to pass the driving test at first go.

  • Mrs pallavi

    Hello everyone, My name is Pallavi Gore. I am an RMS accredited driving instructor. For the last 5 years, I’ve been part of Guru Driving School. As a driving instructor, I seek great job satisfaction in guiding my students with patience towards great success. I am proud to mention that over 300 students have successfully cleared and obtained driving licenses under my guidance. With over 18 years of driving experience, I have upgraded my qualification to Trainer and Assessor for new driving instructors. Additionally, I am a qualified coach for the safer driver’s course which is specially run for logbook students. Thank you to all my students and colleagues for your support throughout.

  • Mr. Suresh

    Hi, My name is Suresh, I am Service NSW Acredited driving instructor working for last 5 years. As your driving instructor I focus on not just teaching you how to drive but even more importantly safe driving habits that will keep themselves and others safe on road. I am also qualified as a coach for Safer Driver Course for log book students. I have trained lot of log book students & others. Looking forward to work with you all.

  • Mr. Ven

    Hello My name is Ven, I am Service NSW Accredited Driving Instructor. I am a trustworthy and jovial person. I love to teach and create awareness about safe Australian driving and road rules to all. I am very much happy and grateful for the successful journey with lots of learning and winning moments my students have given to me. I hope I can provide my best to my future students too. I am proud owner of a franchise with Guru Driving school in Ingleburn area.
    I offer my gratitude to Guru Driving school and all my co workers for their constant support.
    Looking forward to let my future students love driving under my teaching.

  • Mr. Guru

    Hello My Name is Mandar . Most of the people known as Guru . I started this business in 2011 as a driving instructor. Since now I teach more than 1000 students. I am holding a coach and Facilater license with youth safe for Safer Driving course. Also I can provide Trainer and assessing new driving instructors. I am working around Glenfield Area. Like to work on logbook.

  • Mrs. Surekha

    My name is Surekha.
    I am very cool, calm and supportive that helped you to get confidence. My main focus is to help learners to gain the ability and the attitude needed to drive safely, while being friendly and communicating effectively. I am trying my best to help out my students and achieve there goals. As I am RMS  accredit driving instructor. I am always providing  good knowledge about Australian rules and regulations. My way of teaching is admired by each of my clients/ students because it includes tips and tricks which help them drive with ease.
    I am running my own Guru Driving school Franchise in Blacktown, Parrammatta and Westmead.

  • Mr. Gopal Kunte

    Hello My name is Gopal Kunte, I am Service NSW Accrediated Driving Instructor working for last 7 years. I am very passionate about teaching to drive safe on our roads and I enjoy it. I am affiliated with Guru Driving Shool from the starting. I am thankful to all my previous and present students and all my instructor coleagues at driving school for thier support and co-operation. I look forward for same support n co-operation in future.I am also qualified Coach for safer driving course which is specialy designed for Log-Book students. Looking forward to get connected in future. Thank you.

  • Mrs. Manasi Tamhankar 

    My name is Manasi Tamhankar, My Journey start with Guru Driving School Since 2013. I seen every year is towards the success. I love to teach teaching. More 500 students learn from and me it’s continuous going on. I am also looking all admin part for Guru Driving school. For safer Drivers course I enjoy to doing all paper work. Guru Driving school is the perfect place to upgrade your career and stay as long as you want…

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