Local driving school in minto hights

Australian road authorities are stricter than ever, and passing the driving test is no longer a child’s play. Guru Driving School provides the right guidance and training to help beginners pass their driving test in the first go and become confident, responsible drivers for life.
We teach all types of driving manoeuvres through theoretical lessons and also give you hands-on experience in different environments, weather and traffic conditions, to prepare you for driving in the real world.
From parallel parking to driving uphill and safe overtaking, you will learn all of this under the supervision of an experienced driving instructor. With regular practice and guidance, you will master every driving manoeuvre there is.

Local Driving Classes in Minto Hights by Guru Driving

Learning to drive with a local driving school is always beneficial because it’s easy to establish trust with a family owned business rather than a mainstream franchise. Being a local driving school in Minto Heights, Guru Driving School provides friendly service and convenient pick-ups and drop-offs in your area. We can schedule driving classes according to your convenience so that learning remains fun and does not feel like a burden. We make driving lessons interesting for you The key to learn effectively is not to feel the pressure. Our driving instructor will keep you at ease and will cope with your anxiety in a friendly manner. With well-maintained, dual-control cars, driving lessons become safer and easier to grasp. Get in touch with us to get a free quote or drop by our facility for a no-obligation demo class.