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Aditi Upadhyay

I have taken my driving lessons from Guru Driving School and passed my driving test in first attempt with 98%. Gopal Uncle was my driving instructor and he has always explained every rule very patiently, precisely and professionally that made driving very easy, safe and fun. He drew my attention to every minor mistake that we all are prone to make. His ‘no nonsense’ attitude not only helped me pass my test but also improved my driving skill, so that my parents never hesitate to let me use our car on my own. He had taken my mock driving test prior to the real RTA test. Even now, whenever I have any doubts about any driving rule I ask Gopal Uncle. I will always recommend Gopal Uncle/ Guru Driving School to anyone to achieve safe and trustworthy driving skills and of course to get their P’s or full license in minimum attempts. It is not just  10 lessons or so lessons but it is about safe driving for your whole life.

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